Molly Beer

Molly Beer is a terrible traveler. She reads books about Africa while camping in Tibet, prepares food she learned to make in Italy in her Mexican kitchen, or writes obsessively about El Salvador while living on a rooftop in Ecuador. Worse still, she can’t pack, she suffers from motion sickness, she is terrified of volcanoes, and she once (three days into the Aldo Leopold Wilderness) tore up the map. And yet, here she is. Wherever here is.

A former contributing editor and founding member of Vela, Molly Beer’s travel writing has appeared in Salon, Guernica, and Best Women’s Travel Writing, among other publications, and has been deemed “Notable” by Best American Travel Writing. She is a former Olive B. O’Connor Fellow in Creative Writing at Colgate University. Read more about her work at

Stories by Molly: