Helen Hayward

Helen Hayward

Helen Hayward is a freelance writer and editor with a background in magazines, psychotherapy, publishing and higher education. Until May 2012 she was editor of Tasmanian Style magazine, a lifestyle publication for which she wrote over 30 stories. She has a PhD in psychology and literature from The University of London. Her first book was, Never Marry a Girl With a Dead Father, published in the UK. She has a particular interest in family life, emotional wellbeing, the domestic arts, and social issues. Her journalism has appeared in Fiction Magazine (UK), The Age, Inside Story, Tasmanian Life, Online Forum, 40 Degrees South, and Aeon Magazine. She is currently writing A Traditional Mother Despite Myself, a reflection of 15 years of family life, while also being involved in an editing project with the University of Tasmania, and a series of talks with Fullers Bookshop. Currently living in Hobart, she has lived in Adelaide, London and Melbourne.

Stories by Helen:

  • Homework

    Recently I noticed that whenever I answer the front door wearing an apron, the person on the doorstep looks me up and down. A flicker of surprise crosses their face. Whether it’s the postman, the plumber, or a friend, there is the same moment of surprise. This flicker got me thinking: What is normal for me, putting on an apron to mix dough, vacuum the stairs, or tip stock into a colander, is less so for others. Wearing an apron to the front door is as mildly provocative as opening it in my dressing gown. At the very least it isn’t what the person on the doorstep expects me to be wearing. –Read more

  • My Husband Travels

    It was eight minutes before the taxi arrived to take my husband to the airport. We were in the bathroom, throwing toiletries into a tartan sponge bag. –Read more