Miranda Ward

Miranda Ward

Miranda Ward grew up on a cattle ranch in California and moved to England in 2008. She’s particularly interested in the intersections of geography, technology and literature, and is undertaking a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her first book, F**k The Radio, We’ve Got Apple Juice (Unbound) was published in 2013. She lives in Oxford and blogs at mirandaward.co.uk.

  • Leave to Remain

    When I was younger I used to fantasize about having a button I could press that would pause the world around me while I caught my breath, had a nap, figured out a solution, came up with something witty to say. My current situation is the opposite of that fantasy – someone has pressed the […]–Read more

  • On Running Again

    Last Saturday, the first almost-warm day of the year, I went for a run along the river, into town, through the park – a four mile loop in perfect, breezy, sunny conditions. It was glorious for about a mile and a half, at which point I developed a cramp in my stomach. I kept going […]–Read more

  • On Value

    About a year and a half ago I wrote something that I’m really not proud of, for a reason I’m even less proud of: for money. For $60, in fact, which is what makes the whole thing so funny. $60 is not a lot of money to earn for writing a 900-word piece. But it’s […]–Read more

  • On Change

    And yet, if everything is moving where is here? – Doreen Massey A few months ago I started swimming in the morning. I used to think I hated swimming in the morning. I thought: I’m not a morning person. I’m too hungry, too heavy, too slow. No way. But then, one day, trying to find a way […]–Read more

  • On Empathy and the Novel

    To love someone is to put yourself in their place, we say, which is to put yourself in their story, or figure out how to tell yourself their story. Which means that a place is a story, and stories are geography, and empathy is first of all an act of imagination, a storyteller’s art, and […]–Read more

  • The Journey in the Song

    “But what can be the shared space of meaning and sound?” Jean-Luc Nancy, Listening “All I’ve got to put in a song is my own experience,” Leonard Cohen once said, speaking about the process of songwriting. But as a listener, you could invert the sentiment, too: all I’ve got to get out of a song […]–Read more

  • On Not Writing (About Home)

    “a sense of place can happen at the very borders of myth and history.” – Eavan Boland Last week, I arrived in California after a year-long absence. It was hot in England and I felt a little bad to leave it behind just as summer was blooming, but sometimes a change of scenery is what […]–Read more

  • On Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby

    For almost two years now, I’ve been making a dress. I bought the pattern and a roll of fabric on holiday in Wales, but I didn’t have a sewing machine (or tailor’s chalk, or pins, or enough time, or enough patience) and I didn’t know how to sew, so what I was really buying was […]–Read more

  • The Purest Form of Play

    “Place begins with embodiment. Body is a place, and it shapes our perceptions.” Malcolm McCullough I grew up with a view of the ocean. When I was little my father used to take me out in the evenings, past the breakers, into deeper water; it was quiet and soothing. I took swimming lessons over the […]–Read more