Katie Booth


Katie Booth’s work has appeared in Indiana Review, Mid-American Review, The Fourth River and Vela. For her book-in-progress, on Alexander Graham Bell’s controversial work with the deaf community, she has earned support from the Edward Albee Foundation, the Blue Mountain Center and the Massachusetts Historical Society. She teaches writing and journalism at the University of Pittsburgh.

Stories by Katie:

  • People Mountain, People Sea

    ne woman wanted out, but no one was sure which way was out. Someone was trying to direct people: the stage is that way,...–Read more

  • The Sign for This

    It’s said that in the old deaf boarding schools, the ones that didn’t allow Sign, the students would wait deep into the night for their moment, feigning their dreams...–Read more

  • Forbidden

    In the middle of the shoving crowd between the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, my two Chinese students stopped in hushed awe. –Read more