Laura Sewell Matter


Laura Sewell Matter is a sometime essayist come mother / high school teacher / very occasional mountain biker. Her work has appeared in the anthology Best Creative Nonfiction and journals such as Brevity and The Georgia Review, whose editors have twice nominated her for a National Magazine Award. Though she spent several years living in cold, damp island nations of the North Atlantic (Iceland, Scotland, and England), she now makes her home in the deserts of New Mexico. Currently she teaches English at Albuquerque Academy and enjoys making up stories about mean bears with her kids.

Stories by Laura:

  • The Long Run

    In August 2000, Charles Hubbard was passing through Reykjavík on his way home from a vacation in France with his wife and two daughters. They had an extended layover—72 hours to experience Iceland.  In this position most people would go searching for restaurants where they could sample the puffin meat or, if they were bird […]–Read more