Angie Chuang

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Angie Chuang is a Washington, D.C.-based writer and educator. “The View from the Sitting Room” is adapted from a chapter of her nonfiction book, The Four Words for Home, forthcoming from Aquarius Press / Willow Books in spring 2014. Her work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, CALYX, Washingtonian magazine, Asian American Literary Review, Consequence, as well as the anthologies Best Women’s Travel Writing, Best Travel Writing, and Tales from Nowhere. She is on the faculty of American University School of Communication. Her latest travel adventure was to central Virginia, where she dared to venture onto the campus of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University on the day the U.S. Supreme Court’s monumental decisions on gay marriage had come down – an experience as harrowing and full of landmines as slipping into Taliban-controlled rural Afghanistan.

  • The View from the Sitting Room

      One morning, the women in the Kabul house awoke with a particular sense of purpose. After the dawn prayer, when Nazo would usually roll back into bed and sleep in as long as she could, Nafisa nudged her sister-in-law and marched her toward the kitchen. As foreigners and guests of the family, my two […]–Read more