Vela is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to publishing and promoting the work of women writers in a space aimed at a general audience, and to encouraging women writers to overcome boundaries and stereotypes in the media industry in order to develop their unique voices.

We believe that a crucial part of addressing the persistent and significant gender gap in publishing is creating a space where editors and readers can encounter exceptional writing by women. We publish long-form nonfiction features and essays, as well as regular columns about the writing life; women in publishing; questions of style, craft, and ethics; and finding a balance between writing and family, writing and academia, and writing and work.

All of this is free. Our staff is composed predominately of volunteers who are passionate about publishing outstanding writing and calling attention to the work of women writers both in print and around the web. We favor unique voices, creative intrepidness, and depth over “viral” or commercial content, and we do the work we do at Vela because we love our literary community and we believe in our mission.

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