The 99

“Her dad’s a playwright, her mom’s a painter,” my daughter said, referring to a friend whom I hadn’t yet met. “But everyone in Vancouver’s an artist. Even the bums are artists.” “Then how do you tell the difference?” My daughter liked when I asked theoretical questions, and I liked to encourage her critical thinking. She turned her nose to the ... [Continue Reading]

fish lake summer 1

Not an Ike and Tina Thing

He broke the news in the morning, on Labor Day weekend, daylight thinning the walls of our tent at 9am. We were camping in Haines, Alaska – a small port in the panhandle a few hours’ drive from our homes in the Yukon. We’d been dating, casually, for a couple of months. He’d dropped hints, over that time, about an Ex with a capital E, a mysterious catastrophe, ... [Continue Reading]

vela huskies


I. There’s a story that circulates in Haines, Alaska, a small town hemmed in by year-round snowcaps and cold, clear, fish-rich waters on the northern edge of the Inside Passage. The story is always told third- or fourth-hand, but if its details have blurred or morphed over time, it still retains a core of truth, a local lesson, at its heart. It’s about a woman, a ... [Continue Reading]


In the Bush

On the other end of the line my mother’s phone was ringing, but the familiar tones sounded distant, thin and faded. When she picked up and said “Hello?” her voice could have been coming through a child’s tin-can telephone. I held the satellite phone tight against my ear and tried to stand as still as possible, double-checked that the antenna was pointed skyward, to ... [Continue Reading]