The Writing Life

"Each time my Mexican-American family returns for a stretch to Oaxaca, I start a blog. During our first week here on my Fulbright grant, I spend all day on the street, eating tacos, taking photos of topiary depicting Jesus on the cross, following the whine and bang of firecrackers to the nearest roving banda."

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Women We Read This Week

Amanda Fortini on surrendering to nature; Alexandra Kleeman on the bed-rest hoax; and Rachel Syme on the feminist impulse behind selfies .

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"I am constantly on the lookout for teachable texts, and I have gathered these five with the ambition that they might teach not only my students, but teach me, too, how beauty and brutality continue to coexist in verse and in our world."

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Body Of Work

"All weekend, I’ve been in bed, in the limbo land of the sick. It’s a space I know well, a territory I’ve occupied for periods of time throughout my adult life: a quiet, darkened room, shades drawn to the outside."

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"In the summer of 1898, the art critic John C. Van Dyke set out across California's Colorado Desert with a fox terrier named Cappy and a desert-bred pony for company. He carried 50 pounds of supplies—a gallon of water, dried food, and a rifle for hunting—across the largely uninhabited valley."

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"I grew up in a family with very little spoken memory. Growing up within an atmosphere of silence just left me wondering: Who am I, where did I come from, who are my ancestors? I believed even at a young age that I needed to have some sense of answers to those questions to really have a future."

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puja debis

Homage to Nepal


This morning, a 7.3 temblor rattled the already-ravaged nation of Nepal. More buildings have crumbled; more lives have been lost in the rubble and…

Patrick Bouquet

Not Travel Writing


Last week in Mumbai, trying to recover from some respiratory bug that is clinging like scale to my throat and lungs, I stared at the brick walls of my room, and listened to the barks and yells and mumbles from the street against a background of near-constant honking horns.

Photo: Jorge Santiago

A Wilderness of Waiting


In the eighth month of my nine-month human pregnancy, I go on a binge-Googling of animal gestation periods. Frilled sharks, I discover, gestate for 42 months. Elephants take 22 months. Sperm whales: 16. Walruses: 15. Rhinos: 14.

Written by Women: A Manifesto

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